Since The Washington Post was bought two years ago by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, it no longer runs news reports on its print circulation numbers, which, like many other print newspapers around the country, had been falling at a steady rate over the past decade, reports

However, continued the DCRTV report, “in Sunday’s Post, the newspaper did give us a hint of its current circulation numbers by running a required ad statement of the latest figures. It showed the current average daily, Monday through Sunday, paid print circulation during the past year to be 395,234. That’s down about 37% since 2009, when the paper’s average daily circulation was 633,100.”

However, while circulation of the print version has dropped, The Post website is regularly exceeding 50 million unique monthly visitors in the U.S. and crossed the 20 million point with international readers earlier this year.  The August comScore numbers showed The Washington Post, with nearly 600 million page views and, in the past two weeks, The Post announced significant partnerships with Facebook, Amazon and Apple,

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  1. D. Braatz

    Fewer and fewer read the Post. Especially the news because it is so clearly biased towards the elites. If you really want news beyond the current drama in trashing, you did to go elsewhere, like the Wallstreet Journal. It has been turning itself into a checkout line tabloid.


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