Real Magnet, a leading provider of email and marketing automation solutions, announced that MetLife Stadium which, stated Real Magnet, is the number one stadium in the world, has selected the Real Magnet marketing automation platform to power its email and social marketing programs.

According to a Real Magnet release, “MetLife Stadium is home to a wide range of sporting events and concerts and has ranked as the world’s highest grossing stadium for the last five years by Billboard magazine. The stadium makes extensive use of email marketing and social media to communicate upcoming events and ticket opportunities to hundreds of thousands of fans.

“MetLife Stadium’s marketing team will use Real Magnet’s marketing automation platform and its powerful segmentation capabilities to better target its promotional campaigns, given the diverse interests of its audience.

“The platform’s in-depth analytics and reports will help the marketing team better understand the relative effectiveness of various marketing tactics, including social promotions, while delivering a more user-friendly and streamlined product.”

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  1. Brianna

    Great news! It shows how important marketing automation becomes for different kind of businesses. This year we’ll see the rise in technology use thanks to small businesses finally taking advantage of the tools, like GetResponse, on the market.


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