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12/16/2012 7:57 AM

by Shashi Bellamkonda, Network Solutions and Georgetown University

Since 2008 the Chrome browser by Google has steadily moved from launch to having 44.9% of the browser market share. I find Chrome is fast and a very good tool to have a good work flow for sharing on the web. All of us are short of time and the amount of content that comes across is huge. These bookmark buttons and plug-ins may help you be more efficient with your time.

Here are the 5 Chrome plug-ins/Bookmarks that I use:
  • Buffer is a app that lets you schedule and share posts on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook and spread them out at different times of your choosing. Buffer also provides analytics on the reach of your shares and how many people have clicked on the links and shared your updates.
  • I use BufferApp both in the plug-in and a bookmark bar and also on my mobile device. When I have time and am reading my feeds I will use Buffer so that I don’t send too many updates at one time and have set the time for scheduling these throughout the day.
  • Using the Chrome plug-in adds the ability for me to buffer RTs as well when I use Twitter.com as Buffer adds the ability in my Twitter stream
  • I am using the free edition of Buffer that lets me schedule 10 posts and share to 3 accounts.
  • Another similar tool is Socializer which starts at $9/month for an individual user. The difference is that socializer does the scheduling after analyzing your stream without your having to setup schedule timings in a feature called SmartQueue and lets you edit updates differently for Linkedin and Facebook.

2. Google +1 Chrome Plug-in

  • This is a plugin and I use this to share interesting websites on Google +. A comment is advisable when sharing links.

3. Biz Sugar

  • I use the BizSugar.com bookmark bar to share content that is useful for a small business audience. BizSugar is a great bookmarking tool for small business content and makes an interesting read and does send traffic to your website.

4. BusinessWeek Exchange

  • This is a tool that is a well kept secret and I say that in just. You can join Business Week’s Business Exchange by going to http://bx.businessweek.com and signup even by using your Linkedin profile. I use their bookmark button to share interesting business content.

5. HootSuite

  • While Hootsuite offers both a bookmark button and a plug-in I prefer to use the bookmark button. The plug-in makes all twitter links open in Hootsuite which I did not find convenient. Hootsuite also has a new feature to auto-schedule your post.

In conclusion when I see content on the net using chrome that is interesting and spurs me to share I have an array of bookmark buttons or plug-ins a short click away. What tools do you use? Do you use Chrome as your primary browser? Let us know.


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Re: Five Chrome Must-Have Plugins for Communicators

Some good tips here; thanks. I do have to say that I prefer TweetDeck (has a Chrome app) over HootSuite though. Overall, Chrome is definitely my browser of choice.

By Meghann on   12/20/2012 10:51 AM

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