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May 15

Written by: News Account
5/15/2012 5:54 PM

According to dcrtv.com, American University's public radio news talker, WAMU, topped the DC radio ratings for the month of April. Hubbard's well-established all-newser WTOP placed third, still way ahead of CBS's new all-newser WNEW, in 31st. A WTOP source told dcrtv.com, "No storms, no major traffic, no big news. And no real reason to check in with your favorite all-news station as often as usual. Not great for us but it sure was worse for those other guys in Lanham (which is where WNEW is based). The top-five, full-day, age 6+, were: 1) WAMU, 2) WIHT, 3) WTOP, 4) WASH, and, 5) WHUR.

In Baltimore, the top-five were: 1) WWIN-FM and WERQ, 3) WLIF, 4) WPOC, and, 5) WBAL-AM and WZFT.


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