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Jun 2

Written by: News Account
6/2/2010 3:37 PM

JESS3 has created a beta Firefox plugin for the oil spill. When it picks up an mention of BP, the word is blacked out and oil drips down.In the next version, they are going to make this plugin turn any image tagged with BP to black and white and then under the photo it’s going to have oil drips.. And if you go to any official BP site, like their twitter, it turns everything black and the text is a dark grey

To learn more, visit: http://blog.jess3.com/2010/06/oil-spill-firefox-plugin-beta.html

In another BP-related item, Dick Cheney's former campaign spokeswoman reportedly has been hired to run U.S. media relations for BP as the oil giant struggles to plug the massive leak in the Gulf of Mexico while fending off mounting criticism.  Reuters first reported that Anne Womack-Kolton, who served as the former vice president's press secretary in the 2004 campaign and as public affairs head for the Department of Energy was joining the BP team. 


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